Tuesday, November 4, 2014

iPhone 6Plus - 待望のカナ・キー入力

届きました、iPhone 6Plus!
11月上旬の予定が前倒しに先週早々アップルからの配送。早速使い始めると言っても、実はこのSIMフリー版に現用iPhone 4のマイクロSIMは使えないし、SB解約は更新月の年明けまでお預けなので、当面はiijmioの2GプリペイドSIMを入れて端末として使い始めるという算段だ。行く行くはmioふぉんにMNPするにしても、通常のスマホ契約みたいに巷のNTT無線ホットスポットを今までのようにただ乗りはできないので、月額200円のフレッツスポットも契約することにした。取り敢えず、メール、インターネット、facebookあたりがメイン用途になるが、この画面サイズはさすがに広くてスマホとは別世界だ。使い始めるともう元のサイズには戻れない。SIMフリーに動いたのは、スマホの毎月のコストを抑えたいことと併せて、海外旅行の度に万単位の通話料を徴収されたことが背中を押した。

6Plusにした背景はと言えば、携帯とタブレットの中間的な使い方を目指したからだ。初代iPadは日本語入力に絶望して早々に売り飛ばした。そうこうするうちにノートパソコンのこれまた初代MacBook Airのバッテリーが完全昇天した。スマホとノート両方を買い換えるのは荷が重かったので、6Plusで何とかやり繰りできないかと考えたわけだ。

iPhone 6Plus arrived from Apple! 
It was supposed to be in the beginning of November, but it came sooner early last week. It is a SIM-free version, and I actually need to wait until the expiry of current contract with Soft Bank end January because they will charge 10,000 Yen extra fee for cancellation in other months. So I bought a prepaid SIM (mainly for travelers) that allows 2G data transfers but no phone calls, and I will live with it for 3 months until I sign with IIJ mii-phone. This will serve in e-mails, internet browsing, Facebook, Skype or FaceTime calls (although the settings in Address Book for FaceTime appeared more tricky). This mobile will avoid excessive phone charges in my trips overseas as well.

I am particular when it comes to Japanese text input, detesting most-popular Roman keyboards. It was the sole reason why I gave up using iPad so quickly. In the meantime, the battery of my first-generation MacBook Air went completely dead, and my hope was this larger cellular would do both jobs in compromise. An enlightening fact is the use of external Bluetooth keyboard under IOS 8. Apples wireless keyboard seemed most dependable among limited choices of actually available products with JIS key layout, and its setting was simple and smooth by specifying the hardware keyboard and its mode under Control menu.
The response of cellular to key inputs is not quick enough, and the lack of some short-cut keys fails to make the job seamless, but at least my text writing became less stressful.
I am going to make a mobile stand for myself, and the paper mock-up in the picture is to confirm the right height and angle in the use.