Saturday, July 31, 2010

Après le Désir - 生まれ来る子どもたちのために


D'après les journaux et aussi les télé-programmes, la mortalité enfantine du Japon (de 1 an à 4 ans) est notablement haute parmi les pays avancés. Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais c’est sûr que les docteurs ne veulent pas spécialiser à la pédiatrie.
Parallèlement on voit récemment plusieurs nouvelles des enfants tragiques. Hier à Osaka, deux enfants, trois ans et un an, ont été trouvés morts dans une chambre. La mère les avait abandonné et les voisins ont perçu leurs cris extrêmes, mais il n’y avait personne qui a pris une action propre. Une fois, on disait que les enfants étaient l'attache entre les parents, mais au temps courant ils ne sont considérés que le dérivé du désir.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Messiah Chorus Status – メサイアの練習状況


The training of Messiah singing came to the ending Amen chorus in this month. Those members who already have sung Handel before tend to be more open and energetic when it comes to Hallelujah or Amen, but I for the very first attempt am completely occupied to digest each song in the stomach myself. I have listened to Messiah number of times, a hearing expert so to speak, but as I sing it, Handel keeps me impressed with his extraordinary skills of craftsmanship.
As for the score, while Novello Edition is recommended which is most popular and even available in a paperback, I came across with Oxford Edition and I found it most convenient reading the words because it is a wider letter-size print. I further scan the chorus pages and retype the words with thicker characters for some of the songs for the ease in practice.
For the remaining 3 months, we go back to the beginning for the final brush-up, but I joined the chorus this year when the Part 1 training had been over, and thus I have to continue practicing myself at home for preparation.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kamakura Fireworks - 鎌倉花火2010


I saw the fireworks in Kamakura today. It was a smaller fireworks event, and the atmosphere was relaxed without too much packed crowd boiling up everywhere because the beach from Yuigahama to Zaimokuza is quite broad accepting the spectators spaciously. The show basically consisted of the splash of flowers on the water and high launches of big, round fireworks. I thought it was somewhat monotonous.

Monday, July 19, 2010

plain living & high thinking - 考える人

● 物語の意識。彼を定義的にストリーテラーと呼ぶなら、小説を殆ど読まない僕が彼の著書を楽しんでいること自体がその証左だ。
● 1Q84はバッハの平均律と同じ構成のBook 1・2、各14章。Book 3は元々視野になかった。
● コロキアルなものが非常に大事。地の文では説明のかわりになるべくメタファーを用いて、パラフレーズを構造的に積み重ね、描写すべきものごとの多くを別の何かに預けてしまう。

This quarterly magazine features a long interview with Haruki Murakami in its summer 2010 issue. The author has always avoided the talks on the subject of his works, and therefore it is worth a watch and this rather unusually fluent conversation is also interesting because the author himself discusses how he evolved writing novels. I nodded at several passages as I read it.

● About writing a “story”. If one defines him as storyteller, I am the evidence because I who seldom read novels continue enjoying his works.
● “Enough of a story in realism.” - after writing Norwegian Wood.
● 1Q84 is structures after Well-tempered Klavier by Bach with 14 sections each in Books 1 and 2. It means Book 3 was not in the picture originally.
● "The colloquial portion is truly vital. In the narrative part, I tend to use metaphors in place for descriptive sentences, to structure paraphrases in layers, and leave many that should be described to something else."

And more discussion continues.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer's Sun - 夏の太陽


Summer is come on the beach of Zaimokuza at last, appeal the clouds in the sky. The sunbeam today was truly dazzling. On the other hand, the extreme rains continue in the western part of Japan.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

悩める国の選挙 - Suffering Country's Election


I have no idea how the people in this country hope to move the government. The result of the last weekend’s Upper House election was something like the situation in which investors had made the change last year in a company with wrong management and years of cumulative deficits to force the entire renewal, but they now suggest their resignation before seeing the result of this entire fiscal because the business improvement afterward was limited and the management’s strategy-setting looked somewhat unprofessional. If the investors enforce their responsibility by caprice, how could the management practice the long-term projects?
I hope the media give us a thorough analysis of people's thoughts and intents instead of superficially throwing the catchy words like “Democratic Party’s Complete Loss” and stimulating political instability. Let’s look at the number of votes gained by major parties for example, and surely as expected, Your Party has attracted people's attention:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ansel Adams - ポートフォリオIV


Fujifilm Square runs an exhibition of Ansel Adams, and I went to see it. A small event showing only 16 or 17 photos taken in Yosemite and else in 1963, but we can be in the monochrome world of Ansel's for a while, and I found some photos interesting such as Sonoma Valley and maple leaves.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hanging PET Vase – ペット花瓶


Thinking of what to decorate on the room wall by using the picture rail, the immediate thought was to hang a vase. I may have received stimulation from a recent TV program reporting Chelsea Flower Show. But I have no proper vases in hand nor have I come across with variety of options in the Internet search except a bit pricy Jurgen Lehl. In the meantime, until I find something that fits, I hang a PET bottle. If I line up five of those, they might look gorgeous, I guess.
By the way, I decided not to hang here the print of Marco Del Re but in the corridor.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nike Siege 2

新しいサングラスを買った。ナイキのSiege 2というモデルで、スポーツタイプながら内側に視度補正のレンズを装着できる、最近いくつか見られるようになった種類の製品だ。デザインと装着性が決め手だったが、実際に使ってみて驚いたのが視界の良さだった。空の青さも緑の鮮やかさもハッとするくらいで、こんな感覚は初めて、ハイキングが楽しくなるサングラスだった。ガヴァルニーでとても重宝した。

I bought a new sunglass. It is Nike Siege 2, an athletes' model that is getting popular recently enabling to integrate sight-adjustment lenses behind the filters. I like the design as well as the fitting comfort, but what really surprised me was its great visibility. The blue of the sky and the green of the trees were breathtaking, and it was a powerful tool to make your hiking more pleasant with a new sensation. That was how I enjoyed my recent walk in Gavarnie.
There are 5 different options for tint filters (check the following link for simulations:, and mine came with “Speed”. Also attached was normal Grey filter the colors through which were truly natural. Speed had a slightly brownish view.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beocom 6000 Battery - 本体電池交換

日本で入手困難と書いたBeocom 6000用のバッテリーはアマゾン・フランスで調べると取扱店が3軒くらい出てきて、仕様はNiMH 700mAh/3.6Vとなっていました。価格は15-16ユーロ、国内配送料が7ユーロ位なので、とにかくこれをフランス長期滞在中に入手しました。持ち帰ったバッテリーを本体に付け替えると、極めて順調に動作するようになりました。1401はまた休養入りでしょうか。

The battery for Beocom 6000 phone was handled by 3 shops when I searched in Amazon France, and the specs were NiMH 700mAh/3.6V. I managed to obtain one for 15 or 16 Euros plus 7 more for the local delivery while I was staying long enough in France. I replaced the batteries upon my return home, and the phone is now functioning flawlessly.