Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maeght Foundation Museum - マーグ財団美術館

サンポールにある近代美術館で、ミロとの関係が深く、絵画や彫刻だけでなく庭のオブジェなど、多くの作品が展示されている。ここではデル・レに親しみを感じ、ショップでオリジナルの小さな版画を買った。本当は「Maeght Family」という厚い本を買って帰るのが一番内容が濃いのだが、重いので諦めた。フランスでは入場料の類がどこも軒並み値上げしていて、ここは14ユーロ、カメラ持ち込みが5ユーロ追加だった。

A modern museum in St. Paul de Vence. They had a close relation with Joan Miro and have a large collection not only of paintings and sculptures but also various objects in the garden. I found here Del Re quite interesting and bought a small original print at the museum shop. Strictly, a thick book titled "Maeght Family" was the best choice to buy there because it described the dense history and activities, but I gave it up considering it's weight. In France, the admissions are repriced everywhere, and for this museum it was 14 Euros plus 5 more for photo-shooting.

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