Thursday, June 17, 2010

Museums in Nice - マティスとシャガールの美術館



We found a bus-stop near our hotel, and we took #100 bus to Nice. It was a busy line and about 90 minute travel along the coast line of Côte d'Azur. In the middle of this route, Monaco was very much jammed where I had an impression of a city inviting les riches du monde in this air pocket. The bus also passes through Beaulieu-sur-Mer that appeared as an upper class resort. It did not pass the village of Eze but I saw through the back window an eagle's nest atop the mountain.

We had to take #22 or #15 bus, 2 streets off from Nice bus terminal, and while I was carefully examining the panel information at the stop, an old lady approached me asking "where to?", and kindly assured it was the right stop.

Mattise museum was in a park with ancient Roman remains, and thé facility was small. There were some displays and explanations about Chapel Rosaire, but not in full detail. We saw some unfamiliar sculptures and attractive oils to our satisfaction, and ran to the next Chagall Museum with much concern about the time of our flight.
Chagall Museum was nation-owned, large facility. The collection tended to gather large canvases. I thought it would be more interesting if they focus on thematic exhibitions, but it was an unexpected discovery to see a harpsichord with Chagall's painting on the back of it's lid. The instrument was settled in a dark room displaying his stained-glass work.
The return bus of #22 did not stop where we had started, so we got off at the very busy area in front of Galery Lafayette, and luckily we found a taxi pool in front, so we waited one for a few minutes and took off to the airport. It was all we did in Nice.

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