Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chapelle de Rosaire, Vence - マチスのロザリオ礼拝堂


We went to Vence which is about 10-minute #400 bus ride further up from St. Paul, but the bus comes sometimes in 15 minute interval or otherwise over 1 hour, therefore you should check the time-table at the bus stop. The bus won't arrive on time anyway. Vence was a larger town with lots of condominiums and traffic while in it's center was a bit like St. Paul with traditional stone houses inside the walls where you would enjoy a promenade seeing shops and restaurants. For a normal stay in tourism, it seemed this town was more convenient. In the church within the wall is a work of mosaic by Chagall quietly without attracting attentions.

The primary purpose of ours was to visit Chapelle de Rosaire a.k.a. Matisse Chapel in this place. It was as small as Foujita Chapelle in Reims but the interior was arranged for services anytime. On the left and in front of walls were stained-glass windows of yellow, blue and green colors in the form of leaves seemingly. The sunlight comes through the left windows in the morning, and from the font in the afternoon. On the right were very simple illustrations of black color on white tiles. St. Dominique on the side of the altar, and on the closer wall where we sat was the Child spreading his arms like a crucifix in the breast of Maria. On the back wall were illustrations of the Passion numbered from 1 up to 14 that looked like rough sketches. The colors of stained-glass blurred on the white tiles and floor were impressive. Outside the Chapel were some displays of sketches, costume designs for the bishop, and alternative ideas of the Chapel by Matisse. Photos were prohibited everywhere here.

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