Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pelléas et Mélisande - ガーディナー、ドビュッシーを振る



I saw "Pelleas and Melisande" at Opera Comique from 20:00. About this tragic story of German Prince written by Maeterlink, I have no idea what it means thematically nor what kind of conditions in the particular period made Debussy compose it, but it seemed that the story had something common with Wagner's stage and in addition Debussy's challenge was to establish an ultimate form of French language in dramatic presentation. In this sense, it was more like a drama with music accompaniment rather than an opera.
Sir Gardiner managed the music brilliantly, as usual, and my worry that I might not be able to tolerate myself to its finale was totally groundless as the stage was truly inducing. I could follow the language displayed above, and the singers were all excellent, too. I also think that the relatively small size of this theater helped ensuring the intimacy to singers and enjoying the energetic expression with dynamism in generally quiet, lyric passages. The ending of act III where Golaud forces his son Yniold watch the young couple and report to him, the orchestra sounded as if the climax of the entire story. The only missing factor to me this time was Monteverdi Choir because this opera did not need the chorus on stage.

The theater was almost completely full, and I thought our seats were in the first balcony, but they were actually on the ground level without the sight of orchestra pit. It was different from what I assumed but the location was still good. The best area appeared in the first raw of the middle section of the second floor balcony or it's both ends. The performance ended at 23:30 and we went back to our apartment redigesting what we had seen.

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