Friday, June 4, 2010

Luz Saint Sauveur - リュズ・サンソヴェール: 6/02-04

ボルドーからのTGVがルルドに着くと、駅前から出るバスにそのまま乗り換えてリュズ・サンソヴェールに向かった。山の中に向かう40分ほどの旅程だ。Luzの宿はChristine et PetxuというB&Bで、個人宅に留めてもらう感じだ。バス停から10分ちょっと坂をのぼる高台にあって、ここで普通の旅行鞄でなくEaglecreekのSwitchbackを引っ張って来たのが正解と出る。ここは予約時に一泊分を事前に海外送金しなければいけないシステムなので、その費用と手間を考えると普通なら使えない宿だが、安かったし僕の場合無料送金の手立てがあったのでここにしてみた。スペイン人家族のようで中学くらいの娘と一緒に朝御飯を食べた。ガヴァルニーハイキングの弁当を仕入れに街のカルフールに行って、結局その同じ惣菜を部屋で夕食することにしたが、食器を貸してもらえるし、リビングで食べてもいいよと、そんな所が有難い。

As TGV arrives at Lourdes from Bordeaux, I transferred to a bus for Luz St Sauveur which is about 40 minutes of journey into mountains. I had picked a B&B called Christine et Petxu, a private house located in 10+ minutes of walk uphill from the bus stop. Eaglecreek Switchback instead of ordinary suitcase was the right choice. Their reservation required an international bank transfer of the first night's due which is rather expensive and complicated, therefore people in Japan would normally avoid staying, but in my case I had means to make a transfer without a charge and also their price was indeed attractive. It seemed run by a Spanish family, and I had breakfast with their daughter, a middle-school girl perhaps. In Carrefoul in town, I bought a fees stuff to bite in the hike, and actually decided to eat the same for the dinner in my room. I could borrow a glass, a tray, a knife and a fork, they even said that I could use the dining room. This sort of thing is the better part than a hotel.
Luz was truly comfortable. It is a base camp for Pyrenees mountains and the view is authentic. It's tranquillity is what I liked. Their summer season may be busy but the town itself is quite petit and it does not smell commercialized.

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