Tuesday, June 15, 2010

St. Paul de Vence - サンポール・ド・ヴァンス

僕らはLe Hameauというリゾートホテルに泊まって、プロヴァンス風にスローな滞在ができた。サンポールの村からも歩いてもすぐで便利なのだが、その道はビュンビュン飛ばす車の横を歩くのがちょっと怖い。

St. Paul is a small village with a view. We can overlook the landscape all around and within the wall the houses of old times are neatly maintained to enhance the appeal. Footsteps are also attractive paved with the patterns of flowers and the sun. Only the galleries, souvenir shops and restaurants consist the village, but the place is relaxing.
We stayed at Le Hameau and enjoyed a Provançal slow and relaxing séjour. It was quite convenient to walk to the village, too, but also a bit scary walking the road on the side where the cars passed through in an aggressive speed.

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