Sunday, June 20, 2010

RIMBAUD MANIA - ランボー・マニア展

マレの歴史図書館でランボーマニアという催しがあったので覗いてみた。所謂マニアのコレクションで、各国語翻訳本、レコード、イラスト、舞台、更にはランボーに触発された様々な創作やラペルピンまで集められていた。自筆の詩作ノートやドム二ーに送った手紙なども僅かだが展示されていて、ランボーの非常に細かい文字の書き方がよく見える。新発見の写真もあった。これらをまとめたRIMBAUD MANIAなるカタログ本も40ユーロくらいで売られていたが、既に荷物の重さも気になるのでまたの機会に先送りした。

I came across with an exhibition titled "Rimbaud Mania" at History Library of Paris in Marais. It was a small collection of various items such as translated books into other languages, vinyl records and CDs, illustrations, stage performances, and other creative works inspired by Rimbaud or even rappel pins. A few hand-written notes of poems and a letter to Paul Demeny were the most seroius ingredients that displayed a very fine and dense writing on paper by him. The newly discovered photo was also in display. They put these items into a catalog book titled RIMBAUD MANIA for some 40 Euros, but I was unusually reluctant to buy one considering the weight of my baggage. Maybe next time somewhere else...

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