Sunday, June 6, 2010

Train from Lourdes to Bayonne - ルルド9:51→バイヨンヌ11:28の列車


I arrived at the train station allowing more than 20 minutes, and I saw a queue of several people at the ticketing. I thought this should be okay but also felt a bit worried if it took 5 minutes per person, and the situation was worse. The three travelers at the counter were being dealt for over 15 minutes and there was still no sign of issuing their tickets. When I proceeded to the second of the line, it left only a few minutes and at that time a young couple behind started asking us in the line if each person was in a hurry. I told to everyone that I've got 5 minutes left, and the lady in front of the line said to us go head. We all managed to catch the train. I found that the ticket was valid for 2 months, and I could have bought one the day before.

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