Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lourdes - ルルド: 6/04-05


With a view of snowy mountains far beyond and the appearance of houses from the bus, Lourdes looked like an attractive ville, but when I really stayed there, I felt some indescribable sense of chaos. This is the place where the energy toward religion generated some sort of prosperity. The perspectives in any religious headquarters might be more or less similar like this, but numerous people move in groups and dealing with them are souvenir shops, restaurants and hotels. The information office here was incomparably modern in the environment.
I went to see the evening prayer at 21:30 which was an international event, and the hymns were sort of touching as always. The Glotte was behind the church further on the right side, and I surely got a bottle of sacred fountain water of Loudes, but it flew out from the faucet rather powerfully, more so than that in my house, and it wasn't like from a fountain.

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