Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Road to FIFA Best 8 - 日本対パラグアイの予想と結末


From the very beginning, my greatest hope was the penalty shoot-out after 0-0 because Kawashima, our goalkeeper, had been the man with luck through this tournament who deserved entrusted. In the match actually, the ability of Paraguay was far superior in managing the physical body, the pressure, and the ball controls allowing very few chances for Japan to maintain the ball even marginally. Therefore the result of 0-0 was better than realistic outcome, I thought. All the players did a very good job for 120 minutes.
The third kicker in the PK was Komano, and frankly I uttered that it shouldn’t be him. I am in no way to accuse him and prepared entirely to accept the result when it comes to penalty shoot-out, but the kickers I had in mind were Nakamura, Honda and Nakazawa. And my sixth sense often hits the point unfortunately. Even Kawashima’s luck could not stop the cool and excellent penalty shots by Paraguayans. Still, he is one of the greatest assets gained in this event for us considering the team in 4 years to come.

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