Monday, June 28, 2010

Ryu Goto Presents a Concert - 五嶋龍とEnsemble Ditto


I went to the concert produced by Ryu Goto today. He introduced Ensemble Ditto’s, a group of young Korean musicians based in New York, but a quartet would not be the right fit in the huge Hall A of Tokyo International Forum.
15 minutes past the supposed opening time, the lighting faded, and it started a commercial of the sponsor company on large video displays in both ends of the stage, and I realized it was actually a pop concert with classical music.
As expected in the first piece, the strings were muffled and the sound was poor even if it was a Stradivari. On the other hand, the final piece, Morricone, turned more sibilant with much improved balance of sonality. I concluded that the sound engineer must have started groping the knobs and gradually managed to finetune the sound as the program progressed. I believe the concert was sound-reinforced to cover the capacity of the hall.
The players were all skillful, and in particular Ji-Yong, the pianist, was impressive. Michael Nicolas, the cellist, was excellent, too. In the program, Brahms Piano Quartet No.1 was the highlight, although I wanted the violin sang the melody more vividly.
As for Ryu Goto, his keys sounded rather loose with Handel unfortunately with less concentration probably, but played his favorite variations from “the Last Rose of Summer” as the long encore, which was his careful effort servicing the audience.

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