Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Splendid Day in Gavarnie - ガヴァルニーを歩く

Cirque de Gavarnie: 6/03

The B&B host helped me in identifying places to visit and with some backup options such as Cauterets and Pic du Midi, I went to the information office in town. The young man who dealt with me said in the beginning that the bus for Gavarnie was at 7:30 in the morning and I thought I should hire a taxi in that case, but he spoke to his senior lady and came back saying actually the one he mentioned was outdated and according to the current time-table it was 9:50. Splendid and perfect as the returning bus was at 16:15!
This existence of transportation was a great bonus to me as I came here almost determinedly to hire a taxi.
In this morning, the bus came in front of the information center 10 minutes late. Except for an old lady sitting in the first raw seat, I was the only passenger, and the fare was only 2 Euros surprisingly for the 45 minutes' ride of winding mountain road. At Gavarnie also, the bus stopped in front of the information, and a magnificent view already greeted me there. It was said promener (hiking) to snows on the skirt of mountains was about 90 minutes which begins with a comfortably maintained flat road along the brook of snow-melted water and the fresh greens on the slopes both sides are pleasing. After about 40 minutes of walk, the road starts climbing but it wouldn't be too tough and it ends in about 30 minutes. People who visit here all dressed very light and the average age seemed rather high. They sit on stones and spread their lunch. I had a baguette sandwitch that I had made with roast beef, cheese and carrot as I had had for my previous night's meal. Frankly, a few strawberries I brought with were the best, and I thought the watery sweet fruits are the greatest thing to have after an exercise (if not a beer).

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