Sunday, May 29, 2016

Barack Obama's Visit to Hiroshima - オバマ大統領の広島訪問

Mainich Shinbun article cover page
In the recent, long-waited visit to Hiroshima by Mr. President, Obama made a 17-minute speech, which was memorable to many "Hibakushas". Local newspapers posted its full text with their own translation, and it is amusing to read some of them to compare the subtle differences in the choice of words. Mainichi Shinbun's web site is probably most comprehensive as it post the full video with the Japanese subtitle as well as the text in both languages:


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

足利フラワーパーク - Wisteria at Ashikaga


Right after the Golden Week holidays, we joined the HIS bus tour to Ashikaga Flower Park to watch their renowned world's largest wisteria shelves. Because the daytime tours were not available, we took a lit-up visit plan. The peak of violet color blossoms was already over, but their views were still amazing and magnificent. White and yellow blossoms seemed in the right timing. Next time, we will carefully choose the season. If you are interested in how the park will turn out ultimately, watch the link below:

Monday, May 2, 2016

若冲展 - Jakuchu Exhibition, Prelude

開場前の朝9 時に都美術館に行ってみたら、連休中の平日と言えど、列の蛇行が入口前の広場を埋め尽くして2時間待ちくらいの異常な様相。他の用事に切り替えて、後日出直ししよう。カラヴァッジォ展の行列は20m程度だったが今日は観ない。

I went to Ueno Park at 9 in the morning, a weekday in the midst of Golden Week holidays, hoping to see Jakuchu Exhibition at Metropolitan Art Museum, but the curving queue (like a snake) occupied the entire open space of the entrance. It would take some 2 hours to go in, which was insane to me, and I decided try on a later day, perhaps Friday evening. The line for Caravaggio was only 20 meters long, but I was not inclined to see it today either.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

小海線沿いの桜道 - Izumi Line

*1: Ayako Fuji's Cafe
*2 Pie and bakery shop



*6 The best tree on the road

*7 It is said Izumi Line

Kai-Koizumi was the goal.
Between Kai-Koizumi and Kai-Oizumi on Koumi Line, I could see beautiful cherry tree still in full bloom from the train on the road that ran along the railway, and I thought of walking on my way back. It is about 6.5km between the two stations, and you have to walk the side end of the road avoiding the running cars, but the traffic was not so heavy even in the Golden Week holidays. A comfortable winding road.