Monday, May 2, 2016

若冲展 - Jakuchu Exhibition, Prelude

開場前の朝9 時に都美術館に行ってみたら、連休中の平日と言えど、列の蛇行が入口前の広場を埋め尽くして2時間待ちくらいの異常な様相。他の用事に切り替えて、後日出直ししよう。カラヴァッジォ展の行列は20m程度だったが今日は観ない。

I went to Ueno Park at 9 in the morning, a weekday in the midst of Golden Week holidays, hoping to see Jakuchu Exhibition at Metropolitan Art Museum, but the curving queue (like a snake) occupied the entire open space of the entrance. It would take some 2 hours to go in, which was insane to me, and I decided try on a later day, perhaps Friday evening. The line for Caravaggio was only 20 meters long, but I was not inclined to see it today either.

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