Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Biarritz - ビアリッツ空港

フランス鉄道SNCFの情報はどうしてこうもまちまちなのか。旅行者としては困惑するばかりだ。サンセバスチアンの観光案内で尋ねたビアリッツへの行き方は、バスでは1日2便しかないので、ヘンダエで乗り換える鉄道となるのだが、そこの最新時刻表で11時21分に乗るため、サンセバスチアンは10時15分のEuskotren、つまりが3時近くの便に乗るには10時前に宿を出るという効率の悪さだ。 ところが バイヨンヌ駅に置かれていた時刻表はこれとは全然違う。さらにネットで調べると21分発の列車は出て来ず、15分にTGVがあるのみ。結局ヘンダエ駅でTGVが正解と判明する。いっそ、このモンパルナス行きのTGVならそのまま乗っていた方が楽な6時間だったかも知れない。

The information of French train SNCF was miserably inconsistent. It hopelessly confuse the travelers. I acked about the good way to go to Biarritz airport from San Sebastian, and because the bus ran only twice a day, it was suggested trains transferring at Hendaye. There was 11:21 train according to their latest timetable, and it meant I had to leave my hotel before 10 to be in time for 3 o'clock flight! Furthermore, I still had doubt as the timetable I had picked up at Bayonne was very different while the Internet suggested the absence of the above train but only 11:15 TGV instead. The truth I found at Hendaye station on the day was that the Internet was right.
Finally on arriving at Biarritz station, I found that the bus to the airport was not available until over 90 minutes later, which was different from the info given in STAB site, so I dialed the number shown on the ad panel of a taxi company in front of the station. The airport was close and I paid 8 Euros.

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