Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paris with Arts and Thefts - 芸術と盗難の都




In Paris, we went to Orangerie Musium where the queue was very slow to move and we were kept waiting in the rain for more than 30 minutes. I happened to find the special exhibition of Paul Klee to my excitement. The standard display of the museum was the collection of Paul Guillaume who was the art dealer supporting Modigliani. Surprisingly many paintings by Soutin and Renoir were shown. There were some good paintings by Matisse and Modigliani.

A local friend took me to a music score store which was slightly up in the street on the left of St Lazare station. In the store front were the bulk of sale items of a few Euros, and I found Caccini's Ave Maria for 2 Euros. I asked the store staff for Handel's Tamerlano, and he picked a blue Baerenreiter edition from an upper shelf in the end of the store. The price said 45, so I took it.

Three women had a separate itinerary today for themselves but were troubled. My wife had pick-pocketed in the metro, another lost some cash in the bus, and the third in the same bus had her bag opened 3 times luckily without losing any. None of them could sense when the fastener of their bag slid out: an amazing skill of professional thief group! Traveling countryside and cities, I really felt like avoiding the metropolis, and that was the exact reason why I transferred at CDG airport upon arrival in France to skip Paris.

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