Monday, July 26, 2010

Messiah Chorus Status – メサイアの練習状況


The training of Messiah singing came to the ending Amen chorus in this month. Those members who already have sung Handel before tend to be more open and energetic when it comes to Hallelujah or Amen, but I for the very first attempt am completely occupied to digest each song in the stomach myself. I have listened to Messiah number of times, a hearing expert so to speak, but as I sing it, Handel keeps me impressed with his extraordinary skills of craftsmanship.
As for the score, while Novello Edition is recommended which is most popular and even available in a paperback, I came across with Oxford Edition and I found it most convenient reading the words because it is a wider letter-size print. I further scan the chorus pages and retype the words with thicker characters for some of the songs for the ease in practice.
For the remaining 3 months, we go back to the beginning for the final brush-up, but I joined the chorus this year when the Part 1 training had been over, and thus I have to continue practicing myself at home for preparation.

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