Monday, July 19, 2010

plain living & high thinking - 考える人

● 物語の意識。彼を定義的にストリーテラーと呼ぶなら、小説を殆ど読まない僕が彼の著書を楽しんでいること自体がその証左だ。
● 1Q84はバッハの平均律と同じ構成のBook 1・2、各14章。Book 3は元々視野になかった。
● コロキアルなものが非常に大事。地の文では説明のかわりになるべくメタファーを用いて、パラフレーズを構造的に積み重ね、描写すべきものごとの多くを別の何かに預けてしまう。

This quarterly magazine features a long interview with Haruki Murakami in its summer 2010 issue. The author has always avoided the talks on the subject of his works, and therefore it is worth a watch and this rather unusually fluent conversation is also interesting because the author himself discusses how he evolved writing novels. I nodded at several passages as I read it.

● About writing a “story”. If one defines him as storyteller, I am the evidence because I who seldom read novels continue enjoying his works.
● “Enough of a story in realism.” - after writing Norwegian Wood.
● 1Q84 is structures after Well-tempered Klavier by Bach with 14 sections each in Books 1 and 2. It means Book 3 was not in the picture originally.
● "The colloquial portion is truly vital. In the narrative part, I tend to use metaphors in place for descriptive sentences, to structure paraphrases in layers, and leave many that should be described to something else."

And more discussion continues.

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