Tuesday, July 13, 2010

悩める国の選挙 - Suffering Country's Election


I have no idea how the people in this country hope to move the government. The result of the last weekend’s Upper House election was something like the situation in which investors had made the change last year in a company with wrong management and years of cumulative deficits to force the entire renewal, but they now suggest their resignation before seeing the result of this entire fiscal because the business improvement afterward was limited and the management’s strategy-setting looked somewhat unprofessional. If the investors enforce their responsibility by caprice, how could the management practice the long-term projects?
I hope the media give us a thorough analysis of people's thoughts and intents instead of superficially throwing the catchy words like “Democratic Party’s Complete Loss” and stimulating political instability. Let’s look at the number of votes gained by major parties for example, and surely as expected, Your Party has attracted people's attention:

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