Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Azumayama Park – 吾妻山公園



It’s almost spring day and it looked perfect for a long ride with my Onix bike. The rear derailleur was not perfect the other day, so I stretched the wire and retuned it.
The destination is Azumayama Park in Ninomiya, a little over 30km in the west. I stopped by at Tsujido Beach Park to buy some food at Seiyu supermarket. The lap here was 34 minutes. This park was enormous. Sort of playground for kids, particularly in the summer, with a large swimming pool and a water slider. Also, Mt. Fuji is in front of us.
March is always the season for road repair and construction, and R134 was narrowed in some section to cause a heavy traffic jam by the cars heading for Seisho Bypass. On the other hand, when I went down to Oiso, R1 was almost vacant and comfortable to run.
As for the approach to Mt. Azuma Park, I thought the route in the north side might allow the vehicles to reach its summit, but actually it was blocked on the way. It took 97 minutes from home to this goal. As there was no parking facility, I walked uphill carrying my bike.
The view from the park was gorgeous. Over the wide sloping lawn was the panoramic ocean view of Sagami Bay and on our right was the city of Odawara. Looking back was the beautiful Mt. Fuji, and in April soon, this will be an ideal spot for watching sakura blossoms with Mt. Fuji in the background. A comfortable park it is indeed.

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