Friday, June 28, 2013

クルム伊達公子の全英 - 42 Years 9 Months in Wimbledon

Kimiko Krumm-Date won the second round by 2-0 against Cadantu, and it was the new record of oldest winner in this level. The former record holder was Navratilova. Kimiko’s strokes tended very fast making the opponent difficult to be fully ready to receive them, and it appeared to me she might have brushed up her “rising shots” even further. In the 9th game of the second set, Cadentu hit a very sharp cross shot to Date’s left corner and it seemed her backhand wouldn’t reach it, at which time she switch the racket from right to left hand and properly returned the ball. Date is a right hand tennis player but she is genuinely the lefthander. Cadentu must have been puzzled with this.
The great senior has made the entries in the singles, the women’s doubles and the mixed doubles at this age and she is scheduled to confront with #1 Serena Williams hoping that she could survive 90 minutes or so rather than 60 minutes.




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