Friday, October 11, 2013

Bose QuietComfort 20i - ノイズキャンセル・ヘッドフォン

I have been using canal-type earphones such as Shure’s because my left ear can’t hold the typical “AIR”-type phones. I needed new earphones with mic for my iPhone although my upgrade to iPhone5s would be several months away. I found Mr. H, audio reviewer, recommended Bose 20i, and decided to follow him (through my own listening at the shop).
It fits well in my ears even without putting the plugs deep into the ears like canal phones because they have wings. Turning the switch on to enable the noise cancellation, the ears feel a slight pressure of silence as if in an anechoic chamber. The suppression of noise is quite powerful, and you might fail to notice someone talking to you. That is why the product features the AWARE mode that conveniently blends the external noise around you through the mic. A similar (but less convenient) function that I used to use with old Sony earphones was to switch the music entirely to the external noise in such an occasion when a flight attendant says something to me. Another good thing with 20i is the earphones and the mic function even without turning the power ON.
It was extremely windy today and I gave it a try in the outdoor. The noise caused by the wind near the phones was often uncomfortably loud and made the music unlistenable, but turning the power on, the noise in mid-to-low frequency range was suppressed to make the situation bearable.
I am basically happy with the sound, but the tonality with noise cancellation engaged is slightly different from that without: The high frequencies are raised to make the sound balance upright. Without it, the sound gets milder as if switching digital to analog. The electronics switch box is a bit cumbersome and that’s why I put them together with rubber rings like this (picture).
It would have been superb if the price was a half for the functions it offered.

ボクの耳は所謂AIR型のイヤフォンがうまく左耳には乗らなくて、昔からShureなどのカナル型を使ってきた。iPhone5sの買い換え計画はもう少し先なのだが、マイク付きのイヤフォンを新調する必要に迫られていた。そんな時評論家のH氏がお薦めしていたこともあってBose 20iを選んだ。もちろん試聴の上で。



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