Tuesday, April 15, 2014

巡礼路の計画は練り直し – Replanning of Pilgrim Road to Compostela





2 months past since my knee injury, and it still looks like a long way ahead till full recovery. In the end of March, I had the knee further examined in detail through MRI scanning to confirm that the injury was actually not only the ligament but also slightly in semi-lunar cartilage. I feel the ligament is improving recently but some uncomfortable sense resides around the knee cup. Such being the circumstances, I have not started any rehabilitation exercise before the trip and the plan itself looked unrealistic, therefore I’ve given up the idea of running the Camino on a bike. As for the walking toward the end of the route, I could probably and merely follow my friend using buses that run along the Camino.

It is inevitable to modify the whole trip into an ordinary form with more sight-seeing spots. For Pamplona to Burgos which was originally the bike part, I added Zaragoza to visit and one-day tour to Rioja wineries from Logroño. The wineries in Haro is about 44km away, and the distance could be manageable on bike, but I chose relaxing bus ride to avoid the risk.

I thought of a completely independent trip of my friend as I was unable to get the information of local buses along the Camino, but eventually found the buses run mostly in parallel. Our final plan is to pick Sarria as the start point, getting in from Monforte de Lemos on bus. Lugo in the north may be more efficient, but I thought it more attractive to take a southbound train along the river and stay in a parador in Monforte de Lemos. Basically, I will rely on buses from Sarria to Santiago, but the second day section between Portomarin and Palas de Rei has no buses, and I may have to walk this 24.5km possibly in 2 days if not in a day.

This tour continues for 3 weeks and I started preparing my luggage that is simply a light backpack only! And that suits the pilgrimage outfit.

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