Wednesday, December 16, 2015

永青文庫・春画展 - Pornographic Shunga Exhibition


Fox Tadanobu and Hatsune, 19th century

"Shunga" is famous Japanese pornography that used be popular in the 18th century. I recall there was an extensive exhibition in National Gallery, England a few years ago, but such events are not so often found in Japan. There was one in Eisei-Bunko in Tokyo, and I visited. The gallery was smallish and pretty much filled with visitors who moved exceptionally slowly along the displays. It looked least time-efficient and I proceeded in the second line to look at the paintings over the people's shoulders. They had some older and newer works as well as those in the most flourish era, which was good for understanding the historic aspect of this art. As I left the gallery, I was amusedly surprised with the line of visitors that stretched to the outside of the building literally illustrating how much love we Japanese had into porn arts regardless of ages, and I may not be an exception!

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