Monday, September 18, 2017

カトリック逗子教会にて - Zushi Catholic Church

清水梢さんの出番があると聞いた演奏会。カトリック逗子教会に始めて行った。閑静な住宅街の奥にあるので、見つけるのにちょっと迷う。周囲の環境のおかげでとても静かだ。礼拝堂は200名規模。演目はバッハの「イエスは我が喜び」BWV227 、メンデルスゾーン、モーツアルトのミサ曲K.317で、無料!

There was a concert featuring Ms. Kozue Shimizu, soprano at the Catholic Church in Zushi in the afternoon, so made a short ride on my bike. It was off to the middle of residential area and slightly difficult to find. But the environment was very quiet which was a bonus. The program was Bach (bwv227), Mendelssohn and Mozart (k317) for free! Ms. Shimizu's Mendelssohn and Mozart Agnus Dei were very much worth listening.

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