Wednesday, May 18, 2011

上高地 - Kamikouchi


*1: Highland Rail at Matsumoto
*2: Alpico Bus at Shinshimajima
*3: Greenery spring up 1500m high
*4: *Azusa River water is clear, light-green
*5: *Hiking trail to Myojin Pond
*7/8: *Myojin Pond area
*9: View from Yokoo Bridge
*10/11: Wild animals

I went to Kamikouchi for two-nights’ trip as now is the season for young green leaves and mountain snow. The express train Super Azusa leaves Shinjuku at 8:00 for Matsumoto where you transfer to Alpico Rail for Shinshimashima, and then take Alpico bus, and you will be at Kamikouchi Bus Terminal in 4.5 hours.
On Kappa Bridge, the magnificent view of mountains with snow from Hodaka to Yakedake is all around us. We walked some 8km to Yokoo Mountain Lodge for the first day which was a least demanding hiking course with little elevation. Each room in the lodge is fitted with 4 of 2-story beds to allow maximum 8 people, a typical arrangement in mountains. Unexpected surprise was the bubble-jet bath tub to heal your body comfortably from fatigues.

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