Sunday, May 8, 2011

藤原歌劇団のルチア - Lucia di Lammermoor


As an invited guest, my friend asked me if I was interested in accompanying him for Donizetti’s opera, and I went to Teatro Giglio of Showa Music Academy in Shin-Yurigaoka. It was my first visit to this hall and to an Italian opera performed by Japanese artists. The unexpected fruit was the remarkable tenor, Yojiro Oyama as the role of Edgardo. He definitely stood out among the soloists with highly dramatic tension on top of his lyrical and clear character of the voice and intelligently controlled singing skill, which made me think nothing needed to be added. Ms. Akie Mitsuoka as Lucia went off the keys just occasionally in Act I, but the mad scene was quite dependable and received huge applause. When it comes to Lucia, legendary is Maria Callas, but the title role is always tempting for the singers indeed.
The acoustic of Teatro Giglio was very, very dry. The orchestra or the stage did not sound distant probably because of this acoustic property. The drum beats were wonderfully deep, but the drawback of this hall was that some sound localized on the corner of front left and right ends especially in loud passages, and it even made me wonder if they had buried some speakers there for sound reinforcement.

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