Monday, April 25, 2011

地震対策 - Measures for earthquakes



I know some recommendable CD racks but their size did not match with my listening room requirement, and consequently found this Audio Technica product about a couple of years ago which was exactly 80cm wide and suitably tall enough.
Astonished was I when it was delivered and as I opened the carton box because the wooden-print sheet of a side panel surface was half peeled out, and it automatically returned to the shop for a replacement.
The white selves seemed okay with metal rib-like enforcement in the beginning, but they began to bend when it was filled up with CD’s. The chip board shelves must be rather soft, and I had to insert wooden braces of 220mm or 142mm high between the shelves to reinforce them.
During this carpenter work, I realized how fragile the structure of these shelves was, particularly under the situation of extraordinary number of earthquakes recently, and I decided to bolt the shelves onto the wall. This was a rather crude craft using poorly refined L-shape metal pieces, but they are now rigidly fixed to the wall and stay still with all distortions eliminated.

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