Monday, November 14, 2011

グレン・グールドのピアノ – Romance on Three Legs



This was the story of a piano rather than the pianist, namely Steinway CD-318 that Glenn Gould obsessively loved. Many people show up on the stage around the instrument. For example, Capter 2 was about a tuner, Verne Edquist who will be later close to Glenn. For Gould to be Gould in full, such elements as the rarely precious instrument and staff had to be there behind him, and this concept repeats throughout the book like a motif in music.
Glenn once recorded Handel’s sonatas playing harpsichord, and it was because CD-318 was seriously damaged by mishandling during its shipment from Cleveland to Toronto and eventually stayed in Steinway for repair for a year. Steinway’s business stance is another topic in the book, and Glenn’s requests being often outrageous, Steinway tended not to deal with them attentively, and consequently their relation got tense. Glenn in the end gave up searching equivalent alternative to CD-318 among other Steinway pianos and decided to buy a Yamaha concert grand that he used in his final recording of Goldberg Variations. Then how did CD-318 end up afterward?

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