Thursday, January 19, 2012

白内障手術から一年 – 1 Year after Cataract Operation



I felt my right eye was losing the focus last fall after more than a year since I had had cataract operation. I revisited the hospital as the new year started and the doctor explained it as posterior lens capsule opacification that could be addressed by a laser treatment fairly easily. This occurs to almost everyone after cataract operation although the degradation of visivility varies.

I received the laser treatment of making tiny holes in the capsule this week, and the first change I recognized first afterward was the iPhone’s menu screen that was much clearer and beautiful without having no upgrading, and I was trying to find out for a while why the software could improve the graphical quality! Roughly in the range from 40cm to 3m, the focusing as well as the contrast got perfect in my right eye, now no need for glasses to read newspapers, which was even greater surprise than the visibility I got after the first operation. Once I have achieved a new reference, I now realize that the same “cloudy” problem resides in my left eye, less in its amount though. When it comes to distant visibility, the left eye occasionally remains better because I see double-images in my right eye, but the glasses completely correct it while the focusing in the left eye does not reach that far.

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