Sunday, January 8, 2012

Viewing Mt. Fuji - 天上山展望台

Awakening dark in the morning around 4, I instantaneously decided an action: Go to a place with the entire view of New Year’s Mt. Fuji and take its pictures. So I managed to catch the first train at Kamakura (leaving at 5:15) and made transfers at Yokohama, Higashi-Kanagawa, Hachioji, Takao and Ohtsuki, ending up at Lake Kawaguchiko where Mount Tenjo is a handy vista point.

Most visitors take Kachi-kachi ropeway which is a short cut, but my plan was climbing and found the entry path to the hiking course just before the ropeway station. It was a trail steadily gaining the altitude and you would feel like a long hike although it was about 30 minutes of climbing.

I started taking pictures at 10, but the backfiring sunbeam was more intense already and I thought I should have promptly arrived here via ropeway to capture the clearer views of the early morning.
Going home, I took the highway bus conveniently and directly headed to Yokohama. Running to the east, the clouds gathered in the east side of Mt. Fuji and also above us were thicker clouds in Gotenba area.

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