Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cycle Wear - 自転車乗りの出で立ち

まず、コンプレッション・ジャージーだが、商品はSkins A200 Thermalで、手にしてみてこんな細いのが入るのか?と疑念を抱く。でも胸囲90cmSサイズのはず。その装着感は、ヴェルサイユ宮殿に出入りするような高貴なご婦人方がコルセットを締めすぎて気絶するという昔話を聞いたけど、そんな感じで、これで走っていたら酸欠で目眩でも起こしやしないかと思うような圧倒的な圧迫感だ。ぽっこり出ているお腹じゃなくて、胸全体が前からも背側からもガッチリ締められる。筋肉に送る血中酸素量が増えるので疲労が抑えられると謳っている。高速水着と同じことなので、もしや走行成績が少し上がるかな?
次にビブショーツ。これが自転車乗りである誇りと言うか、最大の自己暗示コスチュームではないかと思う。ビブというのは上半身までつなぎになったショーツのことで、実際、これが下着なのかそれともズボンのような歴とした上着なのかちょっと不明な代物だ。ともかく走るにはこれがベストということになっている。こちらの購入商品はCampagnolo Tech Motion。これもSサイズだが、文句なしに気持ちの良いフィット感だ。唯一、局部のガードが手薄に感じるが、所詮慎ましいモノなので気にしないようにしよう。

I built my bicycle exactly a year ago at which time I had a strong hesitation in my mind to the style of running outfit that all those serious runners wear. I have been running in more general sportive cloths up until now, but I needed a long-sleeve jersey and consequently ended up with joining the cyclewear community. It was partly because an English net-shop offered a good deal.
Firstly, the compression jersey I bought was Skins A200 Thermal. At a glance, I was not confident if this slim piece would really fit me, but I had chosen an S confirming my chest size. Well, I managed to put it on, and I felt like a lady in Versailles who often fainted fastening her corset too tightly. My chest is compressed solidly front and back, and the manufacture claims it increases the delivery of oxygenated blood to fuel your muscles. It works exactly like now-prohibited high-speed swimwear, and I may hope to see some improvement in my performance.
Next are the bib-shorts. I would think this one is the very costume of the cult that makes the users feel they are the rider physically. A bib suspends the pants on your shoulders, but it looks rather vague whether it is underwear or an outfit like some proper pants. It is believed to be most efficient for running anyway. What I bought was Campagnolo Tech Motion in size S, and it was a great fit! The single only comment if I may make would be the sense of insecurity of my important area, but I would try not to mind it because it does not stick out much …
These two, combined, cost me approximately 12,000 Yen, which seemed a great deal, if not outrageous. I also added in my order Campagnolo’s sleeveless underwear that should be effective in controlling the sweat. I plan a long running over Matsuhime Pass in the Golden Week holidays to try them out.

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