Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fizi:k Cyrano - フィジークのシートポスト


愛車に取り付け、早速三浦半 島を時計回りに一周の試走に出かける。ポストで乗り心地が変わることを期待していたわけではないが、角度調整をしたせいかすこぶるフィット感が良い。結局 70kmを3.5時間で走って、お尻がまるで痛くならなかったのだから正解ということだろう。

I bought a Fizik Cyrano, a long-waited seat post, as I had been looking for a very light, non-carbon piece of product. First of all, I was completely enchanted by its functional beauty. An adjuster wheel enables fine setting of saddle angle very easily. Compared to Cannondale C2 pillar that I now use, Cyrano may look more reserved as the glossy block is smaller while its finish is clean. The weight is 204g (27.2mm/270mm) saving more than 40g over C2. The offset is unknown but I guess it’s around 25mm. 

Placing Cyrano in my bike, I immediately went out to try running Miura Peninsular in a loop clockwise. I was not expecting a significant change due to pillar difference, but I felt a very good fit perhaps because of careful angle adjustment. After 70km of running for 3.5 hours, I did not have a slightest pain in my hips, and therefore this must be a right choice.

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