Thursday, September 20, 2012

センサーの導入 - Sensor Installation





Garmin GSC-10 speed/cadence sensor and Wahoo ANT+ device arrived from Amazon, and I immediately installed them on my bike. Everything was done straightforward and they started functioning. This was a step-up for Cyclemeter in iPhone.

I ran today to Southern Beach, one of my favorite routes, to see the discrepancy of distance measurement by the sensor against that by GPS. GPS used to indicate approximately 17.2km, but today the sensor indicated 18.02km, therefore it is 5% longer. The tire diameter I entered is nominal 700mm, and I should probably adjust it assuming GPS is more accurate.

Cadence data is important and its review is interesting. I love this route and because it is always a great fun running here, today’s cadence data appeared to me excellent maintaining well over 70rpm.

I also bought Ibera iPhone case to be attached to the stem bolt, but the position was too close to watch while running.

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