Thursday, January 24, 2013

Les Miserables - レ・ミゼラブルを観た


あと、否定的な印象の一因は映画館にもあるかも知れない。僕は折角のミュージカルなのだから極上音響の立川シネマシティ(Cinema 2)で鑑賞しておこうと、遠路遥々出かけたのだが、劇場容積に対してスクリーンが小振りで、且つ本編画面がワイドアスペクトではないので銀幕の左右が余っていたにもかかわらず、然るべきスクリーン・マスキング(黒幕)もない設備にはいささかがっかりしてしまった。それって音以前の問題なのよ。ホームシアターじゃないんだから!

This is a great movie to invite wide range of movie-goers (even non-musical freaks) to Les Miserables story with fine details of scenes. On the other hand, I had some concern before watching, which actually became reality.
It was reported that the film did not dub the singing separately but actors/actresses actually sang as they played, and it looked like a tough challenge for singers to perform in those background scenes. VFX may have done a lot in it, or the dubbing itself could have been another tough challenge anyway since most of the songs are like twisting tongues. There are definite gains there, but I could see limitations especially in casting the big-name stars as singers. They had to achieve the best take while performing essentially, but they tended to be “dialoguing” the phrases rather than singing on the stage, and it was their ceiling of ability. As this failed to draw us into the story unconsciously, I kept watching the movie without being much excited. Though this may sound too negative, I would still recommend this movie to watch. 

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