Monday, January 14, 2013

Missa L’homme Armé sexti toni - 第6旋法のミサ・ロム・アルメ


Josquin Desprez is one of my most favored composers, and I went to the concert of Missa L’homme Armé at Catholic Yuigahama Church. It was the concert by Vocal Ensemble Cappella, another interesting factor for me, because my voice training teacher belonged to this singer group.
Their performance was truly touching, and I have not had such an experience for last ten years or so since the concert of Mozart’s c-minor mass and Requiem by Gardiner/Monteverdi Choir in San Francisco.
Josquin’s music consists of melody lines with a sense of tristesse including unique ascending/descending phrasing in them, and its beauty of harmony is astounding. Cappella is gifted with the true quality of voices, each part, and their harmony and structure almost never slides. They are comparable to or exceeding Tallis Scholars, I thought. The generations of Jesus Christ was played in the concert which was 3-section piece of music composed by Josquin and an interesting example to understand how Josquin was extremely particular in the skill of composing work.

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