Sunday, September 22, 2013


ジョナサン・アイヴのインダストリアル・デザインというのはジョブズの睨みが利けばiPodになり、それが緩いとiMacになる。その本質はモダニズムの中の大衆路線で、家庭製品のMichael Gravesと同類と認識している。初期のアップル・コンピューター製品に惹かれて今に至るユーザーにとってはやや位相が合わない。アップル製品からついに工業製品色の強いJobsの影が消え、Iveに全面移行だ。

My iPhone 4 is almost 3 years old now and its battery life is irritatingly shorter. I thought it was about the time to switch it to the new iPhone 5s. In the meantime, the OS was updated yesterday to IOS7 whose touch and feel gets very different with some disappointment. Its lighter font-type on the white background is difficult to read, and the overall design with rather flat icons look more similar to Microsoft. “It’s a matter of getting used to,” says Apple, but my motivation for the new iPhone shrinks…
Jonathan Ive’s industrial design turns into iPod when Steve Jobs strictly controls it, but results in iMac if Jobs gives relaxed freedom. The essence of Ive’s design is the popular modernism exterior as you can remind Michael Graves for home appliance. This is a slight misfit for those who used to love the early Apple Computer products and some later descendants with the appeal of simple beauty of machines. At last, the shadow of Apple has shifted from Jobs to Ive entirely.

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