Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Gravity - ゼロ・グラビティ

I went to United Cinemas Toshimaen to see Gravitiy in IMAX 3D last night and was not much impressed. I guess my expectation was excessive because of the reputation I heard from some friends around me. I entirely admit that the technical staff did a great job in this film, but the script itself was between the second and the third grade so to speak. I don’t want to disclose the story elements here, but some factors that deteriorated the reality in the story were, for example, Dr. Stone’s character presented by Sandra Bullock was totally unlikely for an astronaut, and also some scenes along the important storyline looked against the laws of physics.
One comment on the camera crews is, toward the end of this movie, while I understand they had to choose a close camera setting to achieve some 3D effect, the water splash on the camera lens could have stimulated the reality of the situation, if only it were a documentary movie!
IMAX 3D seems still using a linear polarlizer as I see noticeable visual crosstalk with a slight tilt of the head. I think I should try Dolby Atmos theater in Maihama next time considering the balance of 3D and sound quality.

Toshimaen Amusement Park in front of the Station

IMAX 3Dでは今も線偏光フィルターで立体を作っているようで、首を傾けるとすぐにクロストークが現れる。画質と音質のバランスを考えると、次は舞浜のドルビー・アトモス劇場で鑑賞してみたい。

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