Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hidden Handel – 仏ナイーヴ盤のAnn Hallenberg

大変質の高いアルバムです。ライナーノーツには「このアルバムにはヘンデルのオペラ及びオーケストラ作品の中で全くあるいはほとんど知られていない曲を扱っており、アリア12曲のうち9曲は初めての録音だ。ニ長調の行進曲HWV416もまた然り。アリアの多くは既存のオペラの挿入曲(=arie aggiunte)で、後日の舞台でソリストが異なることに対応したものだ。」と解説されています。

Quality recordings as expected. Alan Curtis and Ann Hallenberg are probably the most dependable coupling for Handel operas today. In the liner notes, it explains “The Handel arieas and orchestral pieces on this disc span a narrow spectrum from the comparatively unfamiliar to the practically unknown. Nine of the twelve arias are recorded here for the first time, as is the D-major March, HWV416. The arias are mostly arie aggiunte, composed for insertion in later performances of existing operas to accommodate a different cast of singers.”
A flow of comfortable Handel melodies is a true delight of Handel lovers. Ann Hallenberg's presentation of melismas is amazingly beautiful and I don't forget the first occasion I heard it in Mozart's C-minor mass in the video of 2008 Nobel price concert.

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