Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Prologo C One.30 Saddle - プロロゴのカーボン・サドル

他にも普通には高すぎて買えないEggbeater 11ペダルを狙っていて、出物があったので自分の予算内の$185で入札してみたが$191でさらわれてしまった。

One of achievements in my trip to San Francisco was this Prologo C1.30 saddle. I found this in eBay and won it for a reasonable price, and it was actually a fairly good condition. This carbon saddle looks very stiff touching its surface, but I relied on a comment in the net that said rather flexible sitting on it. When the sitting angle is precisely fine tuned, it fits me well, and I tend to feel less stress than Prologo Choice. As I went through over 100km in Tour de Fuzz, I can say it is certified, and the immense achieved value is its lightness! And bib shorts are essential to wear.
Other than this, I have been looking for Eggbeater 11 pedals that I cannot afford normally, and I bid $185 within my budget for a used pair in eBay, but someone charged $191 to take them.

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