Wednesday, December 3, 2014

ロ短調ミサ曲演奏会 - Bach B-minor Mass Concert


I visited Vienna Hall of Fuchu City for the first time. It is a compact concert hall with the capacity of some 500 seats, but a magnificently tall pipe organ is installed in front. It is a rectangular box with relatively narrow width and there are no upper floors. The side walls have flexible panels of reflective and absorbent surfaces that can reversibly rotate enabling fine tuning of reverberation time.
I did not go there to listen but we had our own concert, Bach's B-minor mass. Singing on the stage, I thought the acoustic sounded dry but if you carefully listen, one can sense the subtle reflection of sound coming back. I wrote about Matthew Passion concert about 2.5 years ago, and I became strongly obsessed to sing with period instrument orchestra, and decided to join this Choeur de Chambre, but they had concluded to dissolve after Matthew. Some members strongly proposed to extend their activity once again, and I thus managed to squeeze myself in the real final concert. This project itself was a tough challenge for such a small amateur group, but the hall was busy with 85% full audience and the performance was successful. Our long effort paid off.

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