Thursday, May 14, 2015

過激にフーガの技法 - The Art of Fugue, Radically

友人でもある沢口真生氏の録音による音楽制作は自主レーベルで専らUnamas Jazzとして発売されているのだが、Unamas Classicsとも言うべきクラシック作品録音の第2弾「フーガの技法」が近々リリースされる。

Recording engineer and a friend of mine, Mick Sawaguchi releases his productions mostly as "Unamas Jazz" under his own label, and here comes the second release of his classical recording, Bach's "the Art of Fugue". I should insist that he calls the series "Unamas Classics"!
"The debuting album "the Four Seasons" in surround mix had completely different sonority from usual classical recordings, which was such a stimulating experience for me. This time, he used Ohga Hall in Karuizawa again, and he challenges the maximum 9.1-channel mix in high-resolution digital. I had a chance to listen to the earlier 5-ch mixes, and thought this album might be sensational if properly presented.

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