Monday, November 23, 2015

京都の秋 - Autumn in Kyoto

●京都植物園 - Kyoto Botanical Garden
Just before 3-day holidays in November, we visited Kyoto excepting autumn colors. We went to the botanical garden on 19th as my wife wanted. The peak of autumn leaves seemed coming in a few days or a week later, but the photos contained more than sufficient colors. The garden itself was very well organized that must be wonderful in the spring time.

●詩仙堂 - Shisendo
In the morning of our last day in Kyoto, the 21st, we visited Shisendo that is known for its garden. It was pretty much filled with visitors despite the weekday morning including number of foreigners, and the following weekend holidays would be an unavoidable mess! This small but beautiful garden had full of colors, and we had a happy feeling being there. In contrast, we did not find any point of visiting nearby (but long walk) Manshuin unfortunately.

●高雄三山 - Three Temples in Takao
On 20th, I had a quick hiking to Takao in the afternoon because I was told the colors there were in peak. The bus ride of about 50 minutes was quite efficient as there was timely direct service from Kyoto station (for 800 Yen fare round trip), but in none of Jingoji, Saimyoji and Kozanji temples displayed much autumn colors. I had no idea if it was because of wrong timing or the season itself was not great this particular year.

●おまけ:琳派展 - Extra Bonus was Rinpa Exhibition
20th morning was for Rinpa Exhibition in Kyoto Museum, and it was actually one of two major purposes of our visit. It was definitely worthwhile as I could personally digest the styles of Sotatsu Tawaraya, Kohrin Ogata and Hoitsu Sakai. On the other hand, some of great paintings including Kohrin's "Wind and Thunder Gods" had been withdrew as it was toward the exhibition ending.

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