Thursday, November 5, 2015

吾妻渓谷 - The Last Views of Agatsuma Valley


Iwashima Station

"Michino Eki" is the access point to the Valley


Entrance guidepost for walkers

Bridge down on the Valley

Agatsuma Valley will be few years before going under water of Yamba dam which is being built now, and I thought this might be the last chance for me to see the autumn colors of the Valley, and I took the train on an exceptional sunny day. I got off at Kawarayu Onsen Station, but everything in this area had been completely changed and the Valley looked messy with construction machines. I learned that there was no access way to the Valley there, and I had to go a station back to Iwashima. Out of Iwashima Station, you take R145 to the right and you go under the newly built, huge railway bridge and beyond until you reach "Michino Eki" in about 30 minutes.

You can go both ways but I took the southern side of the Valley, and it took about 20 minutes or so for me to see the guide post of hiking way after I passed Junisawa Bridge. From this point, the whole area for the walk was only going down the Valley to Shikatobi Bridge and go up to the other side, which is rather short in contrast to more than a decade ago when I walked the whole promenade along the Valley. (And it will be gone for ever!) The season was right but nothing was breathtaking here. The mountains in this neighborhood around Kusatsu are generally brownish rather than red or yellow, so when I see red trees among them occasionally, I took pictures focusing on them. Such autumn colors are still pleasing!

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