Monday, March 6, 2017

百観音温泉 - Hyaku Kannon Hotspring


Hyakukannon is one of the most preferred hot springs in Tokyo area in a survey, particularly renowned for its water quality, so we went to Kuki city. It is about 1 hour train ride from Shinjuku although most visitors would drive their car. The spot is only a few minutes walk from Higashi-Washinomiya Station (next from Kuki) in JR Utsunomiya Line, and although it is not a gorgeous facility, one can value it highly for its 800 Yen admission (just a slight raise than ordinary "sentoh" bath houses). They simply depend on the hot water offering 5 different outdoor options such as mild-temperature tonic water, high-temperature standing bath, lay-down hot water, etc. So you can really slow down to relax as you wish. The facility is moderately spacious but we saw good number of visitors even on Monday, and if it doubles in the week-end, this may be rather packed. They have a restaurant and massage service, so you can enjoyably spend a few hours here.

This photo from their website

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