Wednesday, April 26, 2017

アップルワイヤレスキーボードの電池が出ない - Apple Wireless Keyboard Troubled





The keyboard stopped working. As I understood the batteries were gone, I tried to replace them but the second one was rotten and stuck in the tube (look into the top photo). It was helpless. I see many users face this problem because they raise questions in the net, but I could not find proper procedures to save the product. Does it have to be trashed? Okay, let's try repairing it myself before I throw it...

The only clue for possibility I could see was a plastic part on the bottom surface, so I pushed both sides of its round surface to see if I could get a slightest space to squeeze a blade or something in, and luckily enough it came off the product almost by itself. 

Now I could see a small circuit board that was tied by a Philips-type screw. First I released it, and the second I gently pulled out the film circuit that was slotted in a black connector. Then the small assembly as a whole slid out of the tube. 

I used a driver tool long enough to hit the stuck battery: hit, hit, hit until the battery came off. You need to remove the debris inside the tube and clean it before reassembling the parts. So glad to see the keyboard is working again!

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