Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Milletのトレッキング・シューズ - High Route GTX


Short Salomon vs Slim Millet

Scarpa is more angular

3-year old Salomon shoes that I bought for the Pilgrim walk to the Compostella now look exhausted, and I decided to buy a new pair. Unfortunately, I could not find any successor models in Salmon that were equally affordable, and I ended up ordering Millet High Route GTX model from trekkin.com mainly because of its appearance.
This Millet belongs to the mid-cut category but slightly deeper than Salomon as it is for more serious trekking, weighing 570g x2 compared to Salomon's 380g x2. Actually, I did not feel them so heavy. Its shape was rather slim (more so than expected), but it fit me relatively comfortably without any particular strains. In this regard,  in case of Scarpa my little fingers suffered and were hurt in downhills. 
Still, new Millet's width may not have sufficient play for exacting climbing situations and I would use them in milder walkings for a while until I get used to them. Vibram soles may not be happy about it.  Its upper material is nubak, and I don't know how/where Goretex membrane is employed, but anyhow, the feeling of wearing is soft and flexible. I will find about its durability and its feasibility in demanding treks later.

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