Wednesday, May 6, 2009

La Folle Journée Japon Day 2 – 続・熱狂の日

同じB7 会場でその前に朝9時半からのブランデンブルク協奏曲も聴いた。オーヴェルニュ室内管弦楽団ということで、フランス系のバッハと言うか、流麗に奏でたいのだが抑制が利かない感じ。僅か7名の第3番では通奏低音のサポートに入っていた二人の日本人が対称的にしっかりとリズムを刻む。第6番ではヴァイオリンの第2パートに入った日本人らしき女性の演奏にむしろ筋の良さを聴く。

On the second day of La Folle Journée, I listened to Bach’s Mass in G-minor BWV235 and Magnificat BWV243, and it was a rare performance that I would praise with no reserve. Ricercar Consort lead by Philippe Pierlot is the group based in Belgium and has been active for nearly 30 years. The players looked relatively young and their ensemble was admirably refreshing. Among the singers, Maria Keohane, soprano, was impressive with her beautiful, stress-free voice, and Carlos Mena, counter-tenor, did a good job, too. 3 trumpeters of period instruments looked uncertain at the very beginning of Magnificat. It is often said this instrument is very difficult to master.
In the same hall previously was Brandenburg Concertos played by Orchestre d’Auvergne. To me Bach by French often appears to be elegant but without proper control. Among 7 artists on the stage for No.3 Concerto, two in Continuo were supporting Japanese cellists who had progressively steady rhythms and articulations in good contrast. Another Japanese-like female player was equally reliable in violin.

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